If you spend some time outdoors, then you need to consider getting outdoor furniture. Selecting the right outdoor furniture involves much more than just selecting something beautiful. You must take your time to select something practical that works fine.

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You must consider the use of the outdoor space that you want to furnish. Is the outdoor space open or under covers? How many people do you want the space to accommodate? Will the outdoor area be used for lounging or dining or both of them?

You must evaluate the space of the outdoor area before going to select furniture. It is easy to be deceived while you are in the showroom and select outdoor furniture that is too big or small for your outdoor living area. You also need to evaluate how regular maintenance will need to be done on the furniture. Furniture in open-air outdoor living areas will need to be maintained regularly. But if there is a roof above the space, you won’t need to do much maintenance.

Outdoor furniture is usually cleaned more regularly than indoor furniture. When cleaning them, they are moved a lot, so you should consider getting furniture that is light and not heavy to move.

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Most times, it is after the garden has been designed that furniture is selected. So, you need to pick the furniture that will blend and complement the garden. When selecting outdoor furniture, consider the fabric that will cover the furniture, the material the furniture is made of, the design and other factors that will complement each other. Timber can be paired with fabrics like cream/white but not with florals. Aluminum and glass work well in modern settings, but they may look out of place in a traditional, country setting.

Timber is good for outdoor décor and goes well with most settings. Teak is a good choice for timber. It can last in all weather conditions making it suitable for use in areas without roofing.


Another important factor that needs to be considered is the placement of the furniture. You must consider the space and the surroundings of your outdoor living area. You might position the furniture to benefit from the wind that blows in from a direction. You might also want to accentuate a panoramic view. When placing furniture, you must also take great care that it doesn’t obstruct doors and other access points. If your outdoor living area will be used for dining, then furniture can be conveniently placed close to the barbecue. If people are going to gather around a firepit or table, then you need to select two-seaters or single seat lounges. But if you are going to place your furniture against a wall or facing a view, you can go for a long lounge.

If you need furniture that can be moved a lot, you can go for ottomans or outdoor beanbags. This can be moved from garden to pool to lawn as you desire. You can also move them based on the direction of the sun. They are perfect for providing casual seating when they are needed.


Comfort is a very important factor when selecting outdoor furniture. You need to consider how comfortable people will be when they sit on the furniture. You must consider the use of soft furnishings and the ergonomics of the furniture. Chairs with cushions will be used more than chairs without cushions. When scatter cushions are used on lounges, users will be more comfortable. Chairs with a slightly angled back will be more relaxing than chairs with upright backs.

There are various scatter and seating cushions available that will help you add variety to your outdoor décor. There are a lot of outdoor fabrics and options available. You just need to take your time and select the right options so you can have more comfort and bring refreshing colors to your outdoor décor and furniture. Things like outdoor rugs can be added to give warmth to bare feet, provide better comfort and make the outdoor space cozier.

With a well-designed, furnished and comfortable outdoor living space, you will have more entertainment and relaxation options. It will also make your house look better. Guests will enjoy barbecue and drinks there. You can also have two outdoor living areas if you wish. You can have one for dining and one for an outdoor lounge room where you can watch TV, relax and warm yourself with an outdoor heater.

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With outdoor sculptures, you can have focal points add color and character to your outdoor living space. You and your guests will enjoy the garden art and other outdoor décor you decide to place in your outdoor living area. Today, more people are placing great emphasis on outdoor décor and putting the same effort into decorating their outdoor living area as they do for the interior of their homes.


You need to consider the size of your garden before selecting a sculptural piece for it. Small pieces can create an intimate look in small gardens, but they will look out of place in a large garden. Large sculpture can serve as good focal points but beware of selecting a piece that is too large.

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You don’t need to buy from stores. You can opt for one of the many talented artists available. You can work with any of them and come up with creative designs appropriate for your outdoor living area. This way, you can customize and finetune pieces to your tastes. This way, your garden will look better, and you will enjoy it more. Your visitors will also love it, and it will create a better impression on them. You might like this option better than buying an already-made piece. You and the artist can decide on a placement spot that will fit your outdoor space most.


Wall art is a clever way to add some decorator flair, especially in small gardens as the art sits on the vertical plane rather than claiming valuable floor space. Popular choices include metal plaques with simple graphic images or wording and laser-cut metal screens. If set slightly off the wall, the cut-out patterns can cast shifting shadows on the wall. Mirrors are another great decorator item when you don’t have much space to spare, or when your goal is to give a space as much of a room-like feel as you can.

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Pots are another decorative element you can introduce. These are available in a huge array of styles, materials and colours, including, at the premium end, pots that incorporate lighting and those that have been designed to look like modern sculptures. And if you want to delight two senses — sight and sound — add a designer water feature.

The knack to furnishing and decorating an outdoor space is to observe it, taking into account such things as viewing points and thinking through how you and your family want to use it. Measuring up is important, too, but, once you know what you want and where you want to put it, be confident in your choices. You can then just sit back and enjoy.

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Long gone are the days of mass-produced cement statues. Today, people want pieces that express who they are. Rather than getting cheap nick knack-type pieces, they want quality and they want pieces that they are proud to show off to their friends and family.

“The big looks at the moment are bright, fun colourful pieces and those made from recycled materials. By choosing something made from recycled materials, it brings all of the visual elements and energy that the material had in its original form. Wood will have aged and often changed in its look, developing an interesting patina, and pieces made from disused metal objects speak of their history.

One of our most popular ranges is a series of sculptures and decorative pieces made from old oil drums that may have been used by up to six companies so display a variety of colours and logos — this ensures the finished piece is utterly unique.

As to what design you pick, Just choose something you enjoy and that calls out to you. That way, it will keep on giving you that joy each time you look at it.


Heating and lighting may be functional elements in a garden but they can be decorative, too, enhancing the look and feel of an outdoor space. If your outdoor area has an industrial feel, you can enhance it with bunker-style wall sconces with a brass or nickel finish.

Similarly, you can use sinuous spike lights to give a contemporary space a modern, arty look. Then there are floor and tabletop lights designed to look just like indoor lamps. Firepits and ethanol-fuelled outdoor fireplaces are often works of sculptural art as much as a means of warming yourself and guests. Firepits range from clean-lined architectural creations boasting modern matt black finishes to those of more rustic mien, with rounded forms and a rust-effect finish. Ethanol fireplaces can range from those that look like smooth cement pots to laser-cut metal lanterns.

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