The name of Ajuga derives from the Greek to privative and from the Latin jugum «yoke», due to the lack of the upper lip. Genus of herbaceous, perennial plants, sometimes creeping, with a spiky inflorescence that rises vertically.

Ajuga reptans variegata with leaves bordered in white.
Ajuga reptans variegata with leaves bordered in white.

Cultivated species of Ajuga:

Ajuga genevensis, 20-30 cm tall, has serrated leaves, blooms in May-June, lives spontaneously in Italy. Flowers can be pink, blue or white; the brockbankii variety is only 15 cm high and has dark blue flowers. Both need a sunny position to have a nice flowering. Ajuga reptans, also 20 or 30 cm tall, present in Italy, especially at the edges of watercourses. It is capable of expanding rapidly and therefore must be guarded so that it does not become a pest; it blooms in May-June and the flowers may be light blue or rarely white pink. His var. atropurpurea reaches only 15 cm in height, has reddish leaves and flowers of purple-bronze color; the var. multicolor has bronze-colored metallic leaves with brown and purple variegations, in spring brings blue flowers; the var. variegata is low (15 cm), has variegated leaves and blue flowers, blooms in May.


 these plants form a green carpet that covers the ground very well; whatever exposure they have, they flourish with ease, but those with variegated foliage prefer full sun. The multiplication is done by division in autumn or spring, while sowing is done directly at home at the beginning of spring.