Name given in memory of the Spanish officer Alonso Zanoni. This genus includes perennial, suffruticose, bush-like species with racemic inflorescence; when they are grown outdoors they behave like annual plants; they are perennial only if grown in greenhouses.

Alonsoa (Scrophulariaceae)
Alonsoa (Scrophulariaceae)

Cultivated species of Alonsoa:

Alonsoa acutifolia is thickly bushy plant, it reaches 60 cm in height and has flowers of a scarlet red color; the var. alba has white flowers and summer blossoms if grown outdoors, winter if grown in greenhouses. All varieties are indistinctly used as pot plants or as annual shrubs; A. incisifolia is grown in greenhouses, but blooms in summer with scarlet flowers; Alonsoa linearis is also an annual bushy species that becomes perennial in the greenhouse and whose flowering lasts from May to October with flowers always red-scarlet; Alonsoa meridionalis (left A. mutisii) is lower than the previous ones and has dark orange flowers.


 the soil most suitable for the cultivation of A. consists of two parts of the fibrous earth, a part of the soil of leaves and a part of sand. Plants under glass or outdoors require a sunny position and not excessive watering. In March the reporting is carried out. The minimum winter temperature must never be less than 10 ° C. The multiplication occurs by seed, sowing in March at 16 ° C or by cuttings in August.

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