The name derives from that of a shepherdess from Greek and Latin poetry. It is a genus that includes only one true species, although the name is commonly and improperly used for Hippeastrum and their many hybrids. The only species is A. belladonna : Brunsvigia rosea, Callicore rosea), from southern Africa, bulbous plant at rest in summer, with large flowering stem, crowned with fragrant pink flowers similar to lilies, which appears at the end of summer before the green and ribbon-like leaves they persist during the winter until the beginning of the summer. The plant is rustic in our climates, requires soil permeable without organic materials that can decompose causing rottenness, position in the sun. The bulbs, which can be left undisturbed in the soil for some years, will form colonies of bulbs that can be divided from the main bulb and replanted at the beginning of summer during the rest period.

Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae)
Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae) The fragrant pink lily-like flowers of Amaryllis

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