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17 Apr 2018

Alopecurus (Graminaceae)

The name derives from the Greek alopékuros “foxtail”, referring to the appearance of the cylindrical spike inflorescences. This genus includes rustic herbs, some annuals, other perennials. There are many spontaneous species in Italy, widespread throughout the peninsula, in meadows and in humid places, generally appetites from livestock as fodder, but not sufficiently ornamental to deserve a crop.

Alopecurus (Graminaceae)
Alopecurus (Graminaceae)

Cultivated species of Alopecurus:

Alopecurus pratensis (50-100 cm) grows spontaneously in Europe; the var. aureo-variegatus, lower than the species, is used in the flowerbeds for the variegated foliage; Alopecurus lanatus (15-20 cm) has fluffy leaves and a silvery-white appearance; in summer it produces green or purple spikes. They are both perennial species.


the species that are cultivated do not have particular needs of soil, provided this is well drained; they thrive in full sun. They multiply by dividing the tufts in spring or by sowing outdoors as soon as the seeds are ripe.

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07 Apr 2018

Garden Design Inspiration: 8 Awesome Ideas for your Garden

8 Awesome Ideas for your Garden:


This is a small garden design idea that is a sort of getaway oasis right amidst the hustles and bustles of the city. In this garden, you can relax and free yourself of any worries. The built-in daybed with a moon gate style is the dominant relaxation highlight of the garden. The garden will have a firepit and a raided pond. All these combine with the daybed to create a relaxing effect. The pond, firepit and surroundings of the daybed are built with concrete pipe. Timber cladding can be used to make the daybed so as to provide a lovely contrast with the concrete and the planters that surround the daybed.

Garden Design Inspiration PIPE DREAMS


Poured concrete can come in various colors and can be molded into various forms which is one reason why it is popular for making water features, benchtops, planters, seaters and other items for small garden ideas on a budget. It is so versatile that it can be used for so many things in a garden. Even intricate, delicately made angled planters can be built with poured concrete. Poured concrete can help landscape architects come up with numerous small garden design ideas. Planters made from poured concrete are as unique and permanent as items like barbecue built into tabletops and built-in timber seats in a garden. It is very difficult to make changes so it is necessary that the design, scale and positioning must be right from conception to implementation.

small garden design ideas


Curvy custom-built timber daybeds could make for an excellent garden design inspiration. It could be placed right by the swimming pool making it a perfect spot for relaxation. One could lie back on it or sit on it as one pleases. It is also convenient for talking with those in the swimming pool. It could be made more comfortable with the addition of some outdoor cushions. A garden with this feature has a refreshing, coastal look to it. A color palette light should be used for this kind of garden with greenery and the right mix of colors used. Feature palms can be placed in the garden to blend well with the plants and flowers in the garden.

garden design inspiration


These days, decks are built as living spaces that can be placed at the back of a house or near a swimming pool. A lot of decks now come with numerous features like barbecue and storage cabinets. A lot of these decks have lovely built-in screens providing privacy and screening out disturbances. They also come with inbuilt planters with wide terraced steps. Up backrests could also be placed in these gardens. Stone cladding can be used on raised built-in planters that runs along the side of pools and decks to offset the warm tone of timber decks. The raided built-in planters can help to hold the small garden design and house plants that provide seasonal color.

garden design inspiration


This small garden design idea involves the use of a courtyard in a little space.  A lot of people might think a courtyard in a small garden is impossible, but with the right ideas and design, courtyards could be utilized as uniquely as possible. The courtyard could be made airy and open with the use of tricks like using white walls and built-in elements. Landscape designers could include built-in benches and other space conserving features. The tops of the benches could be lifted up in various sections to provide spaces for storing items like gardening supplies, toys for kids and other things. Courtyards like this could be as small as 5m x 5m and still make a lot of sense. A simple tonal balance and other small garden design inspiration could be used to create a sense of balance and scale in the garden. Thus, a space can appear much larger than it is.

small garden design idea HIDDEN DEPTHS


With good creativity and the use of a few built-in elements, landscape architects can come up with small garden design ideas on a budget for narrow or unevenly shaped spaces. A small decking area could be used, and a dainty garden could be produced from it. All it needs is creativity and proper use of spacing. Thus, awkward areas could be converted to areas for relaxation and entertainment with the implementation of good garden design inspirations. Water walls could be added to structural walls to provide a focal point in this garden. The water can flow to a pool, and the noise will provide a nice shield against the everyday noise from the city below. Built-in planters amongst other items can be built with timber, rendered block and other materials in this garden.

small garden design ideas on a budget


Built-in elements do not have to be about seating alone. Garden designers could come up with innovative ways of using built-in features. They could be used for tabletops, walls, decks etc. Some gardens could have built-in recessed sections for storing ice for keeping drinks cool. Built-in framed mirrors could also be designed. Small garden design ideas could involve the creation of tables with in-built planters to create more space for plants. The plants could be changed seasonally as one desires. Nutritional herbs could also be planted on these tables for consumptions.

TRICKS FOR TABLETOPS garden design idea


It is not easy to fit in personal elements and still maintain privacy in outdoor living spaces of modern apartments. Balconies are good places for creating gardens in modern apartments. They can be made private and tweaked as one wishes. These balcony gardens are great for implementing small garden design ideas on a budget. Space-saving elements like built-in seating, barbecue, daybed and planting could be used. They could be constructed from timber and other desirable materials. Walls could be made of metal trellises where plants can also grow. Good lighting should be used in this garden to make the space look romantic or larger as one wishes. The lighting should also be good enough to allow nighttime activities to be carried out without stress.


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30 Mar 2018

Floor covering for your terrace

The choice of a floor covering for the terrace can change the mood of a garden.

Each material has its advantages and its aesthetic qualities. Choose the one that will harmonize with both the style of the garden and that of the house.

The terrace is much more than an outdoor space surrounding the house.

From the first beautiful days, it is also a place of life which must be equipped and arranged as such and thus decorated.

This decoration devoid of vertical walls concerns the ground first.

Floor covering for terrace

Depending on whether you wish to stay at the garden level or a little elevated, you have the choice between various materials, themselves declined in multiple colors and patterns: wood and its composites, tiles, stone, concrete or just the gravel.

If you opt for a hard coating, remember that the terrace receives rain.

It is, therefore, necessary to provide a slight slope or drainage systems to prevent seepage or puddles.

This precaution is essential if the terrace overcomes part of the building.

It must then be provided with a sealing treatment.

A water repellent treatment is also useful for maintaining the appearance of the terrace.

Paved surfaces such as terraces and other places of rest mark the overall image of a garden, especially on small sites, where they are necessarily more visible.

Free materials like gravel or chippings are a charming option for places far from home.

We can not do without sweeping and washing them only need to regularly pass the rake to remove flowers or dead leaves as well as weed seeds ready to germinate.

It is important to prepare the soil before spreading the gravel: clear the roots of the most stubborn weeds and tamp well.

An anti-weed veil placed under the gravel permanently slows down the appearance of new weeds.

For the coating, fine gravel or chippings are comfortable underfoot.

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