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May 23, 2018 Best landscape design

The daily repetition of the gestures and actions that leads men to work, to study, to the usual activities, often leaves no time to consider, or appreciate, the great weight that the plants have, not only with regard to the man himself , but also towards all the vital phenomena that take place on Earth….

May 12, 2018 Best landscape design

From the name nanas, aborigine of South America. The genus includes tropical herbaceous, commercially cultivated on a scale where the climate allows it, for the “fruit”, which is a fleshy syncropus, consisting of single berries welded together, with the rachis and with the bracts from which only the extremity protrudes. , and ending in a…

May 11, 2018 Landscape designer Doha

The name derives from the Greek anagallís, «pimpinella». Although many species of this genus are perennial, it is common in cultivation practice to treat them as annual plants. They are all rather low and often have a creeping course; for this reason they are used for borders and in border, in the first line. Cultivated…

May 9, 2018 Landscape Architect Dubai

The name of Anacyclus (Compositae) derives from the Greek anà «above» and kílos «circle», due to the fact that the fertile female flowers are arranged in a circle around the disc of the flower head. They are plants that form shrubs and can be used in rock gardens; the flowers remind those of chrysanthemums and chamomile….

May 8, 2018 Landscape Architect Dubai

The name, derived from the Greek analMmpto «let me return» and éros «love», was attributed to this genus by Linnaeus (it existed since the time of Plutarch, who used it in the sense of plant used as a filter to reawaken love, for how much doubt it is that it was the same plant). They…