Having a nice garden, well-kept and furnished, though small in size, is so much of a home.

And to decorate with a taste a garden just really little!

In fact, once you have chosen the style, you need to buy the indispensable furnishing items to house friends and relatives in a cozy and functional environment.

Garden design: How to decorate a garden?

1. Have a table with chairs; to prefer those in weatherproof materials such as synthetic rattan so that they can leave the furniture in the garden even in winter.

2. It is important to have good coverage (sail, gazzao, umbrella, etc) for the evening hours (to protect yourself from moisture) and during the sunshine (to have a shaded area). Our advice is to choose reclosable versions to better manage the spaces.

3. Use a good lighting system (which allows for soft light, for romantic evenings, and live light for festive evenings!);

4. If the garden is characterized by the greater grass areas, it would be useful to construct a platform for access to and living the living area;

5. Decorating a garden does not mean buying a table with 4 chairs and an umbrella, but you have to give it your own style, your own impression, and above all through the objects (pots, cushions, curtains, candles, fruits, etc …). We recommend reading the guide: arrange and decorate the table in the garden;

6. In a garden that respects, you can not miss the barbecue, the undisputed protagonist of outdoor parties. And for those who have no space problems a great idea would be the realization of an outdoor kitchen.

7. Remember that it is important to have a fountain in the garden, mainly for irrigation. Obviously, if you have the possibility, you can also create a comfortable external shower, which will be useful during the torrid summer.

8. If, then, you are among the luckiest and have enough space and money, do not miss a chance to dive into the pool! In this case also think of a dedicated furniture, which is mainly made of water-repellent material.

9. For those who have children at home do not forget to devote them to a cozy and safe play area.

10. And for those who want to devote part of their garden to direct cultivation, we recommend creating a space dedicated to the equipment.

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