Create a focal point

The elements of this graceful small garden are simple, but the central axis directs the look along the narrow path creating an effect theatrical. High Verbena bonariensis are enclosed by hedges of dwarf shaped boxwood which, being an evergreen, provides an important architectural framework too in the middle of winter. A traditional brick driveway opens in a circular paved space with the center a large Greek vase, which could be replaced from a mosaic of pebbles or a sculpture.

vase formal garden

Elegant dining room

Although often associated with large period houses, the formal use of symmetry itself suitable for many situations and manages to make surprising the most banal space. Here the French doors open on one wooden platform used as a dining room. The garden, seen from above, it is framed by tall and elegant containers full of lavender and a vine pergola. The formality yes extends to the matched steps, to the shaped box hedge and to the twin vases of daisies.

Contemporary cutting

Why not use elements of the Renaissance gardens to make it even more fascinatinga modern space? Here high perennials (Miscanthus and Rudbeckia) are circumscribed by a low hedge evergreen, which creates a modern parterre, and masses highlighted by the intelligent introduction of topiary forms shaped in matching terracotta pots. It would be fine also a stream, or a small channel, that flows through the wooden platform.

Mirror image

Symmetry and minimalism they blend for a garden that is easy to manage. The project, with plants arranged with simplicity, it is based on a skilled one accommodation. A row of shaped boxwood cubes the central axis conveys the gaze of those who enter towards the “water curtain” effect sculpture. Everything is framed from two white formal containers and raised flowerbeds containing bamboo, whose branches cross in an arch. Keep the surfaces intact to avoid visual distractions.