When designing flowerbeds or borders, the visual qualities of plants – flowers, foliage weaving, shape and color – often have priority over another attribute typical of the plant world: the scent.

Plants with fragrant flowers or aromatic leaves give the garden a new dimension.

But be careful not to place the different essences too close to each other: you would no longer be able to appreciate and recognize the individual fragrances.

✓ The singular shape, which combines the paving circle with the square of the lawn, encourages guests to wander in the garden experiencing the pleasant succession of aromas.

✓ Guaranteed fragrances almost throughout the year.

✓ A plant project that carefully avoids potential conflicts between fragrances and makes sure that all are individually appreciated.

✓ The presence of a wall (or another solid barrier, such as a fence or fence) helps to keep the garden sheltered and prevents the dispersion of the perfumes too fast due to the wind.

Garden project for the fragrant garden
1 Stone floor | 2 Lawn | 3 fountain for birds | 4 – Pergola | 5 – Grass of Timo | 6 Roses | 7 – Statue | 8- Bench | 9 Vegetation | 10 – Hedge | 11 – Lavander | 12 – Brick border

 For maximum performance it needs clear boundaries, and to improve maintenance it is advisable to make the latter with strips of tiles, pavers or bricks.

The shape of the lawn will thus be highlighted and the mowing will become simpler, at the same time guaranteeing unshakable edges.
Bird bath Bird baths and other similar ornaments are very pleasant furnishing elements.

To make them stand out, place them on a ‘base’ of gravel or gravel, bounded by a square or round edge of scalloped tiles.

Alternatively, cover a small area with a natural stone or brick paving and cultivate perennial low perennials or dwarf shrubs, to soften the contours.
Rose arches Climbing rose arches are ideal for almost all types of gardens.

Place them in the sun, and above all where you can enjoy the scent along the walkways. Choose a variety of roses suitable for the size of the arches and make sure that the latter are large enough to avoid scratches of the spine during your walks.

The ideal plants for a fragrant garden

The project includes plants with soft textures and colors, which maintain shape and habitus such as to guarantee interest even in winter.

It also takes into account the fact that the degree of fragrance varies from plant to plant, and while the intense fragrances of some varieties, such as honeysuckle, are appreciated at a distance, others are more punctual and invite to a rawicinato study, such as Phlox.

Among the different species there are some less usual ones, in which the odorous attraction lies not so much in the flowers as in the aromatic foliage.

Sage and thyme, for example, are best appreciated by gently rubbing the leaves between the fingers. This is especially true in the solarium, with the lavender hedge that serves as a boundary and the containers placed strategically next to the chairs and deckchairs.

Garden project for the fragrant garden plantation

Legend of plants used in this garden project:

Ak – Akebia quinata | Ca – Cardiocrinum giganteum Cr – Caryopteris x clandonensis ‘Kew Blue’ | Cl -Clematis círrhosa | Ci-  Crinum x powellii | Di –  Dianthus ‘Devon Dove’ | Ge – Geranium macrorrhizum |  Ir – Iris graminea | La – Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’ | Lm – Lilium martagon | Lr – Lilium regale | Lo – Lonicera periclymenum ‘Serotina’ Mahonia aquifolium ‘Smaragd’ | Ma – Mahonia x media ‘Charity’ Nepeta x faassenii | Os – Osmanthus delavayi Philadelphus ‘Silberregen’ Phlox carolina ‘Bill Baker’ | Ph – Phlox paniculata ‘Mother of Pearl’ | Rh – Rhododendron ‘Golden Lights’ | Ra – Rosa ‘Aloha’ | Rg – Rosa ‘Goldfinch’ | Rn – Rosa ‘New Dawn’ | So – Salvia officinalis ‘Purpurescens’ | Sa – Sarcococca ruscifolia | Th – Thymus Viburnum farreri | Wi – Wisteria sinensis ‘Blue Sapphire’

DIMENSIONS 22 x 6.5 m (143 sm)



DISTINCTIVE TRACES comfortable contemporary space

LOCATION Landscape architecture design Dubai

TEAM landscape design plans

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