A lawn, in a small garden, can be impractical, and if you still want an area for play, social life and relaxation, then a patio can provide all the space you need.

Since the project has a rather large and uninterrupted area without greenery, the plant is particularly focused on ensuring that the garden does not seem too bare.

Garden project of a functional patio


  1. Although quite extensive, the main patio remains pleasant thanks to its round shape, made discontinuous by the hedges and the pattern on the floor.
  2. The raised terrace adds another dimension and provides a quiet shelter, separated from the main part.
  3. The project includes exuberant vegetation, which compensates for the uniformity of the paved areas.
  4. Floating benches provide flexibility of arrangement, and can be placed in a formal way at the corners or freely around the table, as a refreshment area.
  5. Barbecue and fountain are accessible without cluttering.
  6. A useful storage area is shielded behind the terrace.


These modular benches are simple casings on wheels.

You can arrange them around a table or place them in various parts of the garden.

Make them with lifting or detachable seats, so you can also use them as containers, and equipped with cushions for greater comfort.


Fountains and water features embellish any garden. If their height is at least 45 cm you can also sit on the edges.

Place them so that you can see them from the house, at a point where the sun can highlight the moving water plays of light.


The built-in barbecues can be built with materials that are uniform to those used in other garden works, such as raised beds or walls.

Be careful not to place them too close to the area chosen as a refreshment point, and prefer a fairly open and ventilated position.