Designed for a modern apartment, this hanging garden had to include an informal area for relaxation but also a more formal area for lunch and for guests.

The roof offered spectacular views of the city, which were to be enhanced. By arranging two different circular areas, the main functions of the garden are defined.

A first platform is surrounded by raised flower beds with easily maintained plants, which provide shielding and shelter, while framing the view.

The flooring is used to connect the two areas, while a small and further paved circle, placed next to the dining area, serves to place the patio heating.

The second circular area includes several raised areas, designed from the same center but with different radii, to move the space.

The artificial lawn is used in contrast with the planks, ensuring a comfortable surface without major maintenance problems.

A small cascading water feature adds an extra touch of vivacity, while the sculptures and containers distributed in the space bring interest.

Two Sorbus vilmorinii frame the view of the city on the eastern side of the garden.


DIMENSIONS 15 x 7.5 m

LAND imported


DISTINCTIVE TRACES two circular areas