Cabinet of curiosities

In the face of our over-consumption consumption society, the success of flea markets and videogames brings new life to the treasures of the past.
Chiner becomes a game, both for the house and the garden, where the custom decor is raging. The scrap then becomes bead of tomorrow. In the cabinets of curiosities one recovers and brings back up to date and in value of the heterogeneous elements. Of course, these jewelry gleaned will be refined with a set of old cabinets, shelves or displays unique, highlighted by spots. The trend is also to the “Globe Showcase” in glass, these embezzlements of the famous globes of newlyweds so obsolete, for a retro or even precious atmosphere. Other sought after decorative elements include emerald-colored blown glass and art deco brass. In contrast and to show off, checkers and bayadères with broad white and black stripes bring some fantasy. The creamy textures, too, are popular for fabrics as well as for velvety plants, referred to as “doudous”, or for the plants that are so fluffy. Complete your compositions with animal evocations: horns and carapaces, colored corals, feathered feathers like those of peacock.
In this decorative universe, plants are not left behind with rare, precious, unpublished or incongruous subjects. Cle reigns clenched, laciniated or geometric plants. Colorful complements are also sought among the glaucous foliage for an aquatic evocation, from emerald green to electric blue.

Scenes of inspiration

1. A veritable back room, this well-circumscribed space is comfortable, simply isolated from the garden on two of its sides by claustrias made of bright blue glass paste elements. Note the photographic which transforms the places into a back gallery thanks to an effective varnish resistant to UV. A slight tree or a tight sail is enough to protect oneself from the sun. Such a scene deserves to be built overhanging.

2. Like a trophy, this skull accompanied by giant ants on a colorful corrugated iron support astonishing while evoking a note of exoticism.

3. Gabions can be filled with all kinds of varied or plain elements. Here, blue lagoon minerals are stacked to obtain a rim encircling a formal and shallow basin.

Garden Trends Guide

Urban patio
It has been imagined in an outdoor exhibition gallery, with its aligned consoles and its heterogeneous works of art.
The luxuriant vegetation at the foot of the wall and the pillars girdled with persistent climbers unctuate this space to reinforce the sophisticated scenography. At the Chelsea Flower Show 2017.


Assumed relief

A Corten wall deployed in pyramidal cells allows playing with the light according to the hours. This very original wall gives pride of place to plants glaucous and fleshy like Sedum sieboldii, houseleek and echeverias, or gray and velvety like Helichrysum petiolare, contrasting wonderfully with the metal.

Wood on every floor
It makes possible many adjustments and thus becomes established, stepladder or saddle on the bottom of slatted horizontal blades. This is the big trend this year to enlarge the space. These partitions are enhanced by crate-like shelves to highlight vegetable treasures.


Urban nature

We live more and more in urban centers and our perception of the outside world is evolving, mutating, transforming. If the city remains impersonal, unisex and built from scratch, we note that the gardens and terraces also undergo this evolution: a thoughtful decoration, optimized for the contained surface, consensual and modern. The urban creates new gardening codes, which are increasingly followed around the world.
The decorations are then sophisticated, with the use of gray colors of concrete, evocations of rust or creamy white clay. This natural material is present by its so pictorial cracks found on some potteries or unstructured pavements.
The world of construction sites, very masculine, is reflected through materials and equipment, old tools
rusty. Moreover, the concrete iron and the Corten steel, very contemporary, allow many extravagances. In the extreme, the post-industrial inspiration of “steampunk” films such as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” suggests the most fantastic installations with mechanical elements of recovery. Denim jeans are used to garnish garden furniture, and its hue is sought after among flowers such as clematis ‘Tie Dye’.
Concerning foliage, the appropriate plants reveal dark, almost black colors like new Indian lilacs, contrasting with others, silvery or almost white.


Scenes of inspiration

1. Small spaces deserve three-dimensional treatment. Thus, plan different levels to emphasize by steps and large slabs. Crimp with laces of grass or cover crop. Play verticals, not only with ornate trellises but also angular containers, chosen in various sizes to chant around. Compensate for this rigor with graceful and graceful plants, with bamboos. Here at Gardens, Garden.
2. Postindustrial is highlighted by the recovery of rusty metal parts, negligently presented on a compound mineral carpet.
3. Set of textures and structures: at the sharp corners of the Corten metal floor, there is a mulch of pebbles and the roughness of the oak trunks.


Rustic decor
Recovered, this old corrugated corrugated iron sheet will do wonders to border, in decoration, this raised solid mass. Fasten it on a solid frame and insulate it with a plastic film. Then highlight it with a contrast of sandstone pavers and a strip of dark chippings. Orpin, scabious, lavender and variegated charcoal bring some sweetness. Chelsea Flower Show 2017.


Corten is still fashionable in contemporary gardens. On this durable treatment, imitating rust, becomes permanent over time. From then on, it is magnificent as a backdrop for graphic plants, with such picturesque green horsetails, blue irises or grasses such as the glaucous fescue.
Chelsea Flower Show 2017.


Workshop atmosphere
To post-industrial furniture, wooden furniture such as stools or simple benches and benches are sought after for their refined, weathered look. Here, the dining area is set on an industrial metal floor, and taut mesh panels serve as a backdrop. Hampton Court Flower Show 2017.


Female bohemian

Whether in cosmetics or decor, a striking trend tends to enhance the natural stripped of all its artifices, for a spontaneous decoration and a garden at lmarginal. At weddings in 2017, bohemian chic defined as a nature style, vintage and romantic, now inspires garden designers. These spaces are dedicated to romantic women with pastel shades assumed.
There is a metaphor of the original nest, thanks to weaves constituting arches, alcoves, trellises and windbreaks. Naturally, the rattan comes back to the front of the stage, this time with robust imitations.
Evocations of feathers are manifested in the form of the materials, by the presence of poultry, such as hens-silk, crumbling hens, gray and ruffled plants, and opened like those of many umbelliferae.
Here the hive is also sought after with alveolar structures and resolutely geometric elements.
The colors used are pastel, light pink, lilac, without forgetting the tender your shell d. They recall the greenness of flax, also used in draperies or cushions
The ultimate goal is to create a cocoon of serenity, a sensitive nature in outdoor spaces.


Scenes of inspiration

1. This dreamlike sculpture in patinated resin evokes wonderfully the desired fullness
thanks to the quiet atmosphere of a garden. Framed by climbing rose garlands (choose the variety ‘Darlow’s Enigma’, low, rising and fragrant), this figure is encased in a mass of simple flowers: purpurea ‘Alba’ lineaments and carmine-shaped pompom columbines. Chelsea Flower Show 2017.
2. In Chaumont-sur-Loire, structures for small greenhouses without windows serve as a support or case for an ethereal crowd of climbers, white rose and very double ‘Royal Palace’ and Pandorea jasminoides two-colored, as well as simple flowers: lilac verbena, white petunias, scaévolas blue and pink diascias.
3. Still in Chaumont, “girly” effect with these improvised shade sails from parts disparate fabrics, laced and regularly pierced to form a welcoming canopy above a sitting area.



All in length
This contemporary garden is surrounded by black palisades and leads to a green hedge as a backdrop. It serves as a setting for a pink wall animated by a contrasting panel revealing a triple fountain that flows into a large tray hidden by dark pebbles reinforcing the murmur of water. The broad joints of the pavement guide the eye, framed by the opulent vegetation of the massifs, in soft and chosen half-tones.


White cocoon
Leading to a spherical wicker alcove, this flower bed contiguous to a white wood palisade is populated by monochrome flowers: hydrangea, digitalis, astilbes, acanthus ‘Rue Ledan’ as well as the white ammo, annual umbelliferous and precious. All mixed with variegated leaves, such as those of the cutthroat and hosta enhanced with white objects. Hampton Court Flower Show.


Cozy atmosphere
A gray concrete pavement tempers the daring color of the pink plaster of this wall surrounding a terrace. It is animated by three vertical alcoves welcoming succulents. A couch invites to laziness, well stuck by logical and flowery cushions. Its upholstery is provided by a modern fabric resistant to weather and ultraviolet.

Mother Earth

Faced with a world in motion and a disordered nature, attention is focused on more primitive and therefore timeless materials: rock, earth, pigments. Lse thus finds in the patina of the walls, the color of the concretes, the mulch of pozzolana. Elsewhere, a mustard hue that takes over with some flowers with large irises. In counterpoint, use pure blues, ranging from lapis lazuli to lbleu Majorelle. Also look for iridescent materials that will recall the changing colors of beetle elytra.
Raw, matte and charred black wood, therefore durable, is spreading even in the field of construction. The Japanese and ancestral technique of this “shou-sugi-ban” is thus more widely popularized. Volcanic basalts can also act as mineral totems. The aged leather, meanwhile, is chosen to garnish the seats.
Tribal figures and animal spirits, as well as primitive arts, inspire creatives of all stripes who, from then on, imagine a primordial garden, primitive, natural and raw.
In short, here is an untouched space where you can reconnect with a real nature like a return to the sources, to a raw art.


Scenes of inspiration

Scenes of inspiration 1. The masterpieces of this contemporary garden, worked rocks offer a rough, alloyed surface
to organic forms. The decor is minimalist with its gravel driveway
and its young birch trees with a clear trunk.
The flowers are country: candid daisies and lychnis rose ruffled cuckoo flower. Chelsea Flower Show 2017. 2. Make a checkerboard with slabs
square and fill the boxes with charred limbs or pieces of charcoal.
3. The crackled appearance of this pavement is reminiscent of clay soils that have experienced a long drought. You can replicate a
such effect to install original paths by irregularly cutting falls of large slabs of cement or
2 reconstituted stone.



Explorer’s Den
The lush atmosphere of this space owes much to the use of exotic plants such as palms, tree ferns, yuccas, elegias and blue duras. Simple seats upholstered in tanned leather invite you to bask in Indiana Jones.


Burnt wood
This dense wooden ball was worked with a chainsaw and burned in its slots to highlight its relief before d triangular facets. It is more aesthetic than this sculpture seems forgotten in a flowering vegetation of mullein and benoit apricot, garish and pink astrances.

Burnt wood
This dense wooden ball was worked with a chainsaw and burned in its slots to highlight its relief before d triangular facets. It is more aesthetic than this sculpture seems forgotten in a flowering vegetation of mullein and benoit apricot, garish and pink astrances.