How do you want to do in your new garden?

A garden is an extension of your home and as such, should be a place where you can retire to get during your free time. When considering what to do with the garden space, or how to set it up to serve the family both now an in the future, bearing in mind that there can only be little changes that you can make as it grows and matures. Consider the yardman roles, hat you intend to use the garden for. Do you want a place where your children can play? Or you want a peaceful, quite environment you can retire to after a day’s work? Or you want a place that is entertaining? Whatever you choose, note that your family will grow and that their needs for the garden will change. Also note that it is difficult to make significant changes to garden after it must have established and matured. The best you can do is to come up with a flexible concept now that it is still in the formative stage so they can be easily adapted as time goes on. A few requirements might suggest the construction of separate and possibly hidden segment within the same yard.

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Sometimes, gardens are thought of as rooms and you can guarantee its continuity by installing features like planters, canopies, painted walls, screens, stylish furniture, etc. just like the interior, you could use the open air room to host and entertain visitors and still have room for your kids to play after school.


A lot of benefits are brought on by planting, especially when the plants begin to grow and change with seasons. There is always something fresh to be seen almost every week, particularly the textures and colors. There is also the possibility that the plants will attract butterflies, bees and birds which are capable of bringing borers to life.


People who are usually very busy, but still want a garden can design it such that it looks lovely and more importantly, easy to maintain. The ideal concept should be simple and pleasing layout capable of allowing the owners have a nice rest while enjoying the view.

How do you want to feel in your garden?

Gardens can stimulate emotions. People respond to the surroundings. You can choose the design approach you want for your garden. You may decide to go for very active colors, with exciting features and textural diversity capable of raising one’s spirit or you could choose to make it a place for therapy and healing, where you can get peaceful, quiet environment to reflect on the things that are most important to you. If you are lucky enough to have a vast expanse of land to be used as a garden, then you can easily demarcate the garden with tall trees; each demarcation being for a different mood. Establishing a garden is an opportunity to make use of different layouts to enhance the atmosphere, distributing spaces and paths, decoration and lighting, etc. the tone is also influenced by foliage, fragrance, shape and color. All these put together, or a combination of some of them can help set the mood you want your garden to have.

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Gardens ought to be private and unchallenging and should be filled with therapeutic, culinary and medicinal plants like herbs that have goo smell and nice fruits. They help to create a more relaxed, restorative and reassuring environment.


Delicate scents, simple flowing shapes, cool colors, and limited use of materials and planting can create a peaceful quiet mood in your garden. You can enhance the uncluttered spaces with the help of simple focal elements, specially selected lighting and waterfalls.

What will your garden look like?

Anyone willing to change their garden can gain a wealth of inspiration from websites, television programs, books, magazines, plant nurseries, garden visits, etc that we will make available. You must understand that you do not have to collect and combine all designs into your garden space, you are to review and edit a variety of ideas with the aim of developing a coherent overall outlook for your garden irrespective of whether you are starting or revamping a mature plot.

What will your garden look like


You can make your garden a setting for your favorite plant or you could make it a horticultural extravaganza. Work towards clearing the general concept in terms of structure, texture and color because these gardens are seasonal and continually change.


You could also make use of bold-leaved plants to create a sort of exotic, lush and enclosed garden with a subtropical nature. Go for plants that are supported by the soil and climate and will not grow too big for the garden as time passes.


Vacations for most people last only a fortnight. You can make yours last forever. All you have to do is recreate what you see on your travels in your home. For instance, you could make use window boxes with Ivy League geraniums to recreate a southern France feel.

The best approach is to know exactly what you want to achieve or the look you are trying to pull. Get the right elements, plants, materials and features and skillfully put them together to get what you want. To get it right, you can create short notes, sketch ideas, collect pictures etc before you even start. Below are some starting points for you to consider. Some are modern while others are traditional, quirky and or imaginative. Try them all to ascertain the one that best suits you.


A tranquil setting, illustrated by a coherent layout, subtle lighting, simple shape and straight lines can create a comfy space to relax after a stressful day at work. Manage your plants and make sure you do not use conflicting materials.


Ensure you do not make use of more than 3 complementary materials and a muted color palette, but you can get really creative with them. You can infuse a dynamic quality to a pared-down design by adding a large dramatic water feature or sculpture.


This may be better for show-gardens or provisional installations. They may be quirky but they still call for artistic flair and confidence to successfully pull them. They may not be suitable for retiring or the shy however; they can really be fun while they last.



Small gardens do not need attention for more than two to three times in a week, but a garden that has plenty pots will need to be watered daily in hot weather. Bigger gardens with mixed borders, different plants, lawns and a rapidly growing areas will need more time.

 When thinking of your design and future maintenance, you really have to consider the time you can afford to spend on your garden daily, weekly and monthly.

 Except the garden is very simple with evergreen planting and hard landscaping, the list of task changes per season with reduced work during the cold season.

Pruning, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, sowing and transplanting vegetables, plant propagation, ongoing cultivation and many others take place in a bigger garden that has lawns,  fruit trees, vegetable plot, flower borders. Summer and spring seasons are always very busy in gardens like this.

 You might want this kind of garden but you need to be factual about the time you am spend to keep your garden in good shape. It is an exciting thing to work in your garden and see positive results but you need to plan to maintain it and draw a budget in case need arises.

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