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One-of-a-kind Landscape Design Services

Don’t know what to do with your modern terrace or that beautiful garden by your house? Get amazing suggestions and helpful tips for turning your property into your green dreamland today. We offer you creative and innovative landscape design services that are tailored to your living or working environments. Have your pick from exclusive garden designs, plant samples and professional advice. Whether you want an outdoor hosting area or a green oasis by your home, we’ve got you covered.

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Quality and Standards in Landscape Architecture

Our process is unique in that we make sure that our landscape architect takes time to understand what you need and puts your available space into consideration. You will get a chance to browse through several garden projects online to see what you like. We will then draw up a design that will help you bring this concept to life, using your available space and transforming for you with the help of our Landscape Architect. We work with you the entire process on both the garden design and the implementation. We also provide after-construction support to help your garden stay evergreen.

Our team of professional in Landscape Design

Do you know that having your dream garden cannot be left to inexperienced novices? Our team is made up of specialists with expertise to give your garden project the best inputs. Once you bring your garden project online with us, you will be in touch with a team that includes a Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer and other professionals that guarantee you premium landscape design services. Our years of business have also given us access to some of the most exclusive landscaping vendors in the industry. We can recommend the best contractors and horticulturists to supply you with high quality materials, plants and furniture for your garden project.

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Evaluate the condition of the site, the client’s goals, the budget and restrictions.


Draft and determine the landscape design on-site elements and finish materials.


Present the detailed landscape design project to multiple contractors for the offer.


manage the installation to guarantee accuracy and quality.

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We are truly international

Our multi-national staff that have vast experience working in many countries in the Middle East. We have completed garden projects for clients in the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Doha, Qatar, and Riyadh Saudi Arabia. No matter where you are, we can schedule a video conference to discuss your garden project online. Because of our international experience, we can design and deliver your project anywhere in the Middle East without incurring excess costs for you. No matter where you are, take advantage of the best landscape design service in the Middle East for your home or business landscape project.

Be Inspired by Our Recent Designs

Are you still unsure of how you want your garden project? We have put together some of our favorite garden projects online for you to look through. Get the landscape of your dreams today with any of these projects. Our designers will help you personalize it to your taste however you want it. Click here to see our favorite landscape designs. Have any questions or special requests? Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our designers for your dream landscape.

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Sustainable Landscape Designs

As an industry leader in the landscape industry, we strive to do our best to protect natural resources. Therefore, we focus a lot of energy in ensuring that our landscape projects are environmentally friendly. We always give our residential and commercial clients solutions that are safe for the environment such as organic plant care, water-conservative irrigation systems with smart regulators and the use of local plants in our garden design.

For commercial properties, we ensure that all landscape maintenance operations are power-efficient and follow LEED standards. We also ensure that all government regulations are observed and adhered to always.

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