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Perform a site evaluation and discuss the Client's goals, budget and other factors.

Love of the Landscape

In the current economy, gardens have become a precious commodity and can be an overwhelming project. It can be extremely time consuming, causing stress and become a real money pit if you are unsure of what to do. Although creating a new garden design can be a great source of enjoyment, it can take a lot of time, especially if you a one manned army. When you become a client of BLD, we remove that stress, as well as creating a garden that will become a place of relaxation. We love projects, making over a sad space into a beautiful garden, which our clients will enjoy for years to come. We are extremely pleased to tell you, that not only do we offer this, but we also do the paperwork for you, from environmental issues to negotiating council roadblocks

So what is the catch? Quite simply, there is isn’t one; we are just great at what we do.

The Process

We begin with a consultation, getting to know what your taste, vision, the budget you have and the deadline you have planned. We consider your project a collaborative experience, working round issues and skilfully implementing your ideas. After our consultation we provide, a garden design fee, as well as our outline for the project. Which you are able to accept as it comes, or change your ideas and reschedule another consultation.

After this we take start designing, providing you with a concept design following the brief given. Part of the paperwork you receive, will be: a blue print, featuring all the larger scale items you requested. Items such as: Such as: swimming pools, lighting, porches or any other designs you had in mind. During Design development, we will supply you with samples of: materials, finishes, photographs, a 3D design of your garden. Making sure that your space is exactly how you want it to, both, function and look aesthetically. Given you the real joy back to your space!

As stated above, we also deal with all construction documents, seeking: permission, approvals and specifications. Which can be half the stress, when it comes to design projects and building works.

So why should you choose BLD?

Directly, we are the right people for, we bring passion to projects and real appreciation of our client’s space. If you unsure of how you would like to change your garden, the space or the architecture of you space. We can help you with that, creating an individual garden that suits you taste and lifestyle. Designing a great area to enjoy: parties, spaces places for your children or installing a swimming pool. We have the experience and the time to execute your perfect garden. We have no hidden costs, priding ourselves on the communication we have with our clients. Potentially adding thousands to your home, if you wish to sell later down the line. If you are ready to change your space, potentially adding to your life, get in touch with us! We can’t wait to start working with you

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The Process


We start our process with a consultation where we get to know what your ideas, vision, budget and deadlines. Your project is a collaborative experience so we will work with you to make sure that all issues are addressed and all your ideas are creatively implemented. Once the consultation is complete, we will present you with our outline for the project, including a garden design fee. You can review the outline and accept it or send us revisions. If you’re still not satisfied with it, you can also request for a follow-up consultation.


Once the outline is approved, we begin designing your garden immediately, providing you with a concept design according to the brief. The concept design package you will receive will include the blueprint featuring the scale of all design elements like swimming pools, lighting, and porches. During design development, we will provide you with samples of materials that will be used for your project like high-definition photographs, a 3D design of your garden. These will give you an accurate rendition of exactly how your garden will be both functionally and aesthetically.


As stated above, we also take care of all construction documents and will get all necessary rights and approvals for the project upon which the project and building works will rely. In summary, here’s a step-by-step analysis of our garden design process.



-          Perform a site evaluation and discuss the Client's goals, budget and other factors.

-          Draft a proposal for Client review.



-          The design team reviews the project budget, limitations, programming, and design aesthetics and commences with a design charrette.



-          Use AutoCAD to plan a rough design layout and prepare an excel spreadsheet which lists all items and estimated construction cost.



-          Layout the site elements creatively while considering flows, accessibility, safety, aesthetics, privacy, microclimate and budget.



-          Take the rough schematic plan and refine all the design elements and discuss the materials, colors and finishes



-          Complete Irrigation, Lighting, Grading and Drainage Plans

-          Refine the construction plan & details.


-          Print and deliver the completed set of plans to the Client for HOA/City for submission as well as send to Contractors for bids.



-          Offer recommendations to the Client and Landscape Contractor to help ensure the highest construction standards are met and exceeded.