December 16, 2017 Best landscape design

The modern garden is characterized by a primitive formalism and a rigorous geometric arrangement of furnishing and decoration elements. In an exterior area characterized by a modern design, there must be no well-defined lines, controlled geometries and strict, minimal spaces that blend perfectly the sobriety of the modern with the futuristic look of a well-designed…

December 9, 2017 Best landscape design

Having a nice garden, well-kept and furnished, though small in size, is so much of a home. And to decorate with a taste a garden just really little! In fact, once you have chosen the style, you need to buy the indispensable furnishing items to house friends and relatives in a cozy and functional environment….

December 2, 2017 Best landscape design

One important aspect in garden design is the illumination. With the arrival of summer, what’s better than spending time in the open air, under starlit skies, letting it be pervaded by dreamy atmospheres?  In this scenario, the lighting of outdoor spaces certainly plays a fundamental role.  Properly designing garden lighting is indispensable to enhance its…

November 25, 2017 Best landscape design

Landscape architects that work on garden design plans for residential houses have three major factors to consider. They are the home, the site and the client. Every client, site and home is unique in its own way and none is the same as another. Every client has his/her own lifestyle, characteristics, habits, wishes and desires….