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10 Apr 2018

Three optional garden projects for a long and narrow garden

Part of a terraced house, this garden was lower than the house, and was accessed through old stone steps. It was also surrounded by a low wall. Space was slightly sloping and the owners wanted a strong scheme since the garden was mainly watched from above. As for the plant project, however, the request was for a “jungle” style vegetation, with bamboo, banana trees, formes, reeds, Acanthus mollis, Crambe cordifolia, and fatsia.


The choice fell on this option. A very formal scheme proposes large terraces with the difference in height divided into three parts, all with lawn. An armillary sphere has been placed in the central circle, edged with red bricks in keeping with the house. A pair of trees in obligatory form is the entrance to the back of the garden. The owners’ taste in terms of vegetation, however, strides a bit with the style of the project.



The plan shows an alternative project with a paving of 60 x 60 cm gray-green stone slabs instead of grass. A relaxation area has been placed at the bottom, while a play of water in the intermediate section makes the journey into the garden more interesting.



An informal and economic option: the garden preserves its natural slope up to a paved relaxation area, which can be accessed via a rustic arch.



LAND neutral

EXPOSURE south-west

DISTINCTIVE TREATS exotic vegetation and relaxation area

LOCATION Landscape design Dubai

TEAM Landscape Architect Doha

The shape of the lawn

The shape of your lawn will be mainly linked to the style or the theme of the garden. Informal projects are usually better for meadows with irregular but gentle curves, while more formal styles lend themselves better to lawns with straight or symmetrical-shaped borders, such as the circle.

Masking a square garden

• A round lawn will help to mask a garden of too squared form looking away from angles and straight edges.
• A round lawn will occupy an area less than one square with the side equivalent to the diameter, leaving more space for vegetation and other furnishing elements.

Masking a long and narrow garden

• The square lawn is useful in 45 °, to create diagonals that interrupt the narrow perspective.
• With a square lawn will increase the floor space.
• A square lawn is easier to mow than a round one, above all if small.

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21 Feb 2018

Garden project: One space, two different ideas!

Most properties have a corner or alleyway where absolutely nothing will grow – like th is long , narrow space in a reader’s garden.

It ets hot afternoon sun but a section of it also gets lots of shade because of a tree on the adjacent property.
In addition, the soil is hard and barren, and the vibracrete wall, as well as the neighbour’s Wendy house behind it, are unsightly. We propose two graden project solutions!

Example of garden project number 1: For the kids


When your kids are little, an entertainment area near the stoep is ideal so you can keep an eye on them while they play.

Place a table and chairs at the top of the garden and build or place a bench against the vibracrete wall; add a structure over the seating area and plant a star jasmine or climbing rose to conceal it. Cover the rest of the boundary wall with granadilla, star jasmine and tickey creeper.

Use good quality artificial grass for the entire area. It will be able to handle lots of little feet and it will create a green area that requires no water or maintenance.

Kids love a sandpit and jungle gym with a swing. Place them as close as possible to the boundary wall to create a larger play area.

Plant lemon and other citrus trees; trim them regularly to fit the space. Build planter boxes for more planting space and fill them with good soil.

Make sure the boxes against the house are watertight so they don’t create damp problems inside your house. Fill them with your favourite flowers, herbs and veggies.

Remove the pavers around the existing pomegranate and plant roses and perennials to create a cheerful flowerbed.

Frame these beds with Echeveria hybrids.

Garden plan 1 | The elements: 1 Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) and tickey creeper (Ficus pumila) for a trellis, 2 Bench with star jasmine or climbing rose, 3 Lemon trees (Citrus limon ‘Eureka’), 4 Jungle gym and sandpit (Playground area), 5 Artificial lawn, 6 Low walls with raised planters for flowers, herbs and veggies of the homeowners’ choice, 7 Any other citrus or fruit trees, 8 Granadilla (Passiflora edulis), 9 Gazebo, 10 Flowerbeds with roses, garden, heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens ‘Royal Marine’) and gaura (Oenothera lindheimeri ‘Pink Butterfly’), 11 Echeveria hybrids to frame the flowerbeds, 12 Pompon tree (Dais cotinifolia)

Garden project - For the kids - solution 2 - The elements

Example of garden project number 2: Invite your friends over!


The existing stoep on the side of the house is too small to entertain properly.

We recommend that the stoep be extended into this narrow strip to provide more space for socialising.

For the sake of continuity, he suggests that the homeowners use the same surface as the existing floor for the new section of the stoep.

A pergola is the perfect solution for providing shade.

Plant a deciduous creeper, such as a grapevine, a climbing rose or wisteria to cover the structure – this ensures shade in summer and a lovely sunny spot in winter.

Hang a pretty chandelier on the pergola to give it character, or hook up solar- powered Consol jars for lighting.

With a built-in bench – consider mosaic for the backrest – and freestanding chairs, this stoep will be the perfect place to hang out!
Add a small water feature next to the vibracrete wall.

This will immediately draw the eye and the sound of water will enhance an atmosphere of tranquillity.
Place latte or trellises all along the vibracrete walls as a support for climbers.
The plants will not only cover the unsightly wall but also provide privacy – if the structure is raised above the height of the wall, it will also hide the Wendy house.


Steps lead you from the stoep down to the next level.

Pave this section with square pavers or bricks of your choice. Place a table here – just make sure it can withstand wind and the elements.

Plant a lemon tree in each corner of this lower section and trim off the lower branches of the trees to create a planting area for herbs and vegetables underneath.
Keep the trees fairly small and neatly trimmed in keeping with the size of the space.

There is enough sun and light here for these plants to thrive, even though the neighbour’s tree is casting a lot of shade.
Put up metal shelves under the Windows and display terracotta pots filled with succulents.

They need little water and the window garden will soften the long, bare wall of the house.
Remove the paving around the existing pomegranate and plant grass as a play area for the kids in this sunny corner. You can even put up a jungle gym.

Garden project - Invite your friends over! - solution 2

Garden plan 2 | 1 Bench with mosaic backrest 2 Extended stoep and pergola with Grape (Vitis vinifera) or Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) 3 Latte covered with tickey creeper (Ficus pumila), star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) and/or Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) 4 Water feature 5 Lemon trees (Citrus limon ‘Eureka’) with the homeowners’ choice of herbs and veggies beneath 6 Granadilla (Passiflora edulis) 7 Succulents such as Echeveria hybrids for the window garden 8 Jungle gym 9 Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) 10 Gazebo11 Leopard tree (Caesalpinia ferrea) 12 Sandpit

Garden project - Example of garden project number 2 Invite your friends over - solution 2 - The elements a



DISTINCTIVE SEATS garden project for the famaly

LOCATION Landscape design Abu Dhabi

TEAM Landscape architect Abu Dhabi

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