How to Integrate Sculpture into a Garden Design

You don’t need to limit your choice of garden sculpture to what is provided by your local garden center. You can use any of several objects that can act as sculpture when placed in a garden. They include pieces of discarded machinery, rounded boulders, driftwood and lovely shaped ceramic vases. You just need to be creative with them. Position the sculptures in a place where they will blend well with the rest of the garden.Choosing

Sculpture for a Garden Design

Your emotional response is key to selecting sculpture for a garden design. You might love abstract shapes if your garden is modern in design. But woodland and wildflower gardens are awesome for contemporary gardens. You might even go for a blend between the two. You could mix classical pieces with a modern layout. For cottage, gardens, beehive, domestic animals and rusty farm equipment will make good sculptures.

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How to Position Sculpture in a Landscape Design

Look for the best position for a garden art and integrate the position into your design. There are some pieces that work fine when they are surrounded by plants while others go well with reflective water. Intricately designed sculptures will fit well with a plain backdrop like a clipped yaw hedge or a rendered wall. Simple solid figures could be placed against a haze of lavender. Natural stone, weathered timber and other matt surfaces will be perfect for polished metals. Matt surfaces can also be a good background for smaller sculptures.

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The Importance of Proportion and Scale in Garden design

Every sculpture should be positioned in a place where its effect will be felt best. If you place a small piece in a large area, it will look lost and its effect won’t be felt. Small ornaments can be placed next to solid pieces like a large vase, a boulder and a hunk of driftwood. Decorative objects and plaques should be fitted into alcoves in walls and they should be raised to head heights on plinths. Plastic garbage cans and piles of cardboard boxes can help to visualize how sculptures can fit into any setting.