Garden project for a surprising and idyllic secret garden design

The owners wanted a secret and surprising garden to complete the expansion of their terraced house.

They needed a space for lunch, but also a secluded and hidden corner for reading and meditation. The garden also had the bond of neighboring houses, and needed effective shielding for a large shed and for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

In the final project, which uses limited colors and materials to unify the space, the garden is partially divided to create a space sense of mystery: it is in fact impossible to embrace it all at once with the look.

The focal points are located at the bottom of the paths, to guide the visitor through the garden.

Garden project for a surprising and idyllic secret garden design
1  Table 2 – Pool 3 –  Areas of vegetable garden and aromatic herbs Gear shed 4 – Moden statue – 5 – Pergola 6 – Sauna 7 – Grindstone fountain  – Patio 8 – Trees 9- Stone Floor 10 – Stone Floor With Green Grass 11 – Tree / hedge to create privacy

An open and sunny dining area near the house contrasts with a smaller, shaded space, located about halfway up the garden, and also with the service area at the end, well shielded by grates.

The flooring materials contrast in the finish but not in the color, which is instead unitary: slabs of cement honed against granite tiles with a rough surface.

The vegetation follows a theme of complementarity of texture and color, in shades of green. Intertwined linden hedges provide shielding from neighboring houses, while Betula utilis var. jacquemontii and Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Umbraculifera’ provide height and privacy, and miscanti, fatsie, hoste and Rheum palmatum work at the plot level.

Flourishing with spaces for leisure and relaxation, the garden brings together hard and soft elements in harmonious fashion.
Those entering the garden from the home’s rear living area are greeted by the cascading water of the water feature spilling down from the raised pool above.

As one is drawn further into the garden, drama is created by the contrasting hard and soft elements.

To one side, lush green lawn-rls up toward the tennis court beyond. To the other, bluestone steps ascend past the water feature.

At night the space enjoys a quiet ambiance, with lighting attentively arranged to showcase the garden’s features and create a soft mood. As a result, this backyard can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.
Creatively finding ways in which the space around you can interact with and compliment your intervention.

DIMENSIONS 22 x 6.5 m (143 sm)



DISTINCTIVE TRACES comfortable contemporary space

LOCATION Landscape design Doha

TEAM Landscape designer Doha

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