Ideas for easy-to-manage gardens

Open spaces that require little maintenance can have an elegance and a beauty equal to those that require constant attention. In the following pages we present some extraordinary projects for all tastes and all sizes. You will find ideas to create refined urban gardens enclosed in a courtyard, flowery meadows or zen gravel gardens with a few specimens of plants arranged in the right places.

Veranda outdoors

Sometimes the careful selection and arrangement of individual plants is a real art exhibition. Just a simple and neat background is enough to appreciate the shape and the composition of the selected plants. A layer of gravel over a non-woven cloth is a excellent coating, but also an aesthetic element, and aggregates can be highlighted by tiles, pebbles or rocks.
In this garden, large boulders block the plants and the flooring with impregnated wooden planks, arranged in parallel rows, directs the gaze towards a circular mosaic on which rests a singular modern vase, which constitutes the focal point.
Alternatively, a structural element such as a fountain of bubbling water can be used.

small garden focal points

Dining room

The wooden flooring creates an elegant outdoor area, similar to that of a room, even more appreciated if the interior space of the house is limited, as for example in a studio or small house. Because the project has its own charm and requires little maintenance, the background and the surrounding vegetation must be simpler than ever. Few bright colors and night lighting add a brilliant design effect.


Simple division

The largest gardens with minimal maintenance are often divided into several sectors, partly hidden from one another or left open to enjoy the sense of space. To enhance the characteristics of each sector and add interest, use contrasting architectural elements: changes in level on flat surfaces, such as floors or raised flower beds, or recessed seats. If the variety of plants is limited, be creative in the details and introduce many evergreens such as these grasses (Stipa tenuissima) and ciperacee (Carex).

jardin sans gazon

Paved patio

Small spaces are perfect for paving: they are an alternative to the lawn, require little maintenance and are relatively free of weeds.
Plants planted in raised flower beds, borders and vases can give great satisfaction. Design the garden with care, build everything you need to keep it well and create interest with different compositions and schemes. Here the fulcrum is large pebbles and ceramic fountains, while the hosta and the bamboo introduce an oriental note.


Mediterranean Garden

The curved wall, painted in dusty terracotta, recalls sunny gardens.
To reinforce the Mediterranean flavor there are a thin cypress, an old jar and wrought iron furniture.
The wall can be transformed into an occasional session and the whole atmosphere is pervaded by the scent of white lilies, roses and aromatic plants.

Space for children

Although children like to play on lawns, other surfaces are more versatile. The little ones have fun with a sandbox (covered when not in use) and the differences in materials and levels create opportunities for play. An anti-shatter wood floor is suitable for barefoot and the flat surface is ideal for play activities. Choose sturdy plants such as Phormium, grasses and bamboo.

Raised flower beds

In addition to easy accessibility, the flower beds raised are real design elements. They become informal seating and move otherwise flat spaces and uniforms. This flowerbed, with a dry stone wall effect curved, it is ideal for cultivating rustic alpine plants that they require good drainage.