Floor covering for your terrace

The choice of a floor covering for the terrace can change the mood of a garden.

Each material has its advantages and its aesthetic qualities. Choose the one that will harmonize with both the style of the garden and that of the house.

The terrace is much more than an outdoor space surrounding the house.

From the first beautiful days, it is also a place of life which must be equipped and arranged as such and thus decorated.

This decoration devoid of vertical walls concerns the ground first.

Floor covering for terrace

Depending on whether you wish to stay at the garden level or a little elevated, you have the choice between various materials, themselves declined in multiple colors and patterns: wood and its composites, tiles, stone, concrete or just the gravel.

If you opt for a hard coating, remember that the terrace receives rain.

It is, therefore, necessary to provide a slight slope or drainage systems to prevent seepage or puddles.

This precaution is essential if the terrace overcomes part of the building.

It must then be provided with a sealing treatment.

A water repellent treatment is also useful for maintaining the appearance of the terrace.

Paved surfaces such as terraces and other places of rest mark the overall image of a garden, especially on small sites, where they are necessarily more visible.

Free materials like gravel or chippings are a charming option for places far from home.

We can not do without sweeping and washing them only need to regularly pass the rake to remove flowers or dead leaves as well as weed seeds ready to germinate.

It is important to prepare the soil before spreading the gravel: clear the roots of the most stubborn weeds and tamp well.

An anti-weed veil placed under the gravel permanently slows down the appearance of new weeds.

For the coating, fine gravel or chippings are comfortable underfoot.

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