With the arrival of the hot season you spend more time outdoors, and there is nothing better than a corner of ter-breed or garden in which to improvise a cozy dining room. A comfortable and functional furniture will help you make the most of the space: swings, sandboxes, dungeons, play areas for children, swimming pools … The garden offers a myriad of activities for the whole family. Under the portico or terrace you can recreate a romantic ambience with traditional design furniture, natural materials and aged finishes that will give the whole a rustic touch. Even children can enjoy domestic outdoor spaces. Thanks to suitable furniture and accessories to keep them entertained, the garden will become one of their favorite places, where you can play and maybe get passionate about gardening. A well-air-conditioned space will allow you to rest and enjoy the well-being of outdoor life.

1. In the children’s play areas, avoid poisonous plants.
2. If swallowed, ivy, potos, holly, melia, vinca, and many others are toxic.
3. To keep children entertained remember to allocate a garden area to the sabbia, which you will renew periodically, and avoid abrasive pavements.
4. A specific grass area can be reserved for children, with slides, swings and other games.
5. For outdoor games, the best material is wood. If the toys are made of plastic, they must be resistant to UVA rays.
6. Avoid placing thorny or poisonous plants in transit areas.
7. If you put small trees home, children can learn to walk by clinging to their branches.
8. Taking advantage of a swimming pool and the watchful eyes of an adult, children can become familiar with the water.
9. Place the play area in a visible spot even from inside the house.
10. Ponds or fountains with fish, plants, tar-tarughe and ducks will be an additional attraction for children.

• If you intend to use the terrace mainly for sunbathing and resting, a sofa and a table will suffice.
• If you plan to have lunch or dinner in the garden, calculate the space needed to place a dining table with a parasol.
• Leave some areas of the dining area free to maintain an airy space.


• Do not forget the presence of a shadow zone: it is as important as light, especially during the summer months.
• Do not place a large table in a small space. There are folding models or extendable tables that will allow you to arrange the number of diners you want, comfortably and without problems.


• Create a lounge area between the pool and an area planted with pine trees. You will get a magical corner, perfect for relaxing in the heart of the garden.
• Protect the tables and the outdoor mattress with a pergola.
• Place a tent in the garden: children can play with the Indians.


• If you have children suffering from allergies, avoid planting
olive trees, cedars, poplars or oaks.
• Arrange plants with thorns like roses, wild blackberries or
cactus far from the play areas for children.

Make sure that the play area is close to the house in order to be able to monitor it at all times. In the space for children’s games, an area for the sandbox will be essential: you will have fun a world to dig and build castles

1. Find an isolated and free position to relax in the evening breeze or the morning sun.
2. Insert a raised platform from the ground by one or two steps. It may be ideal for designing a lounge space that can be used by adults and children.
3. Place large cushions and covers on the ground to protect yourself from the humidity of the night.
4. Choose a functional furniture: the different alternatives can be very refined. Choose the one that best fits your garden.
5. If you want everything to be in style, with-tattate companies that offer a complete furnishing of armchairs, sofas, table tops, dining tables and pergolas.
6. Choose furniture in light material and easy to transport, so that you can reposition at any time.
7. Arrange cushions on the chairs to make them more comfortable. Some ground ottomans are a good solution when you have guests and there are no suffi ciency chairs.
8. You can place a wind chime with bamboo tubes, which resonates with a gentle and relaxing tinkling when it is moved by the wind.
9. Attract birds by arranging a watering hole.
10. Insert a hammock to rest on. You can place it between two trees to enjoy their shade on hot days.