A lot has been said about how the look of a garden or landscape could make or mar the valuation of a property. But very little has been said about how landscape architects can make gardens and landscapes heal the soul and mind with their garden designs. A garden could serve as a center point for relaxation, meditation etc. No wonder, the Ancients held a lot of religious rites and rituals in gardens. Some say you get closer to nature and to your creator in a garden. The senses come to live in a well-tended garden. Imagine yourself lazing away, soaking your skin in a lovely swimming pool. Assaulting your nostrils with the exotic smell of flowers and sensitizing your taste buds with juicy salads prepared from plants in your garden.



When you want to examine the importance of energy in an outdoor living area, a good place to start from is by taking a look at the core principles of Feng Shui. They are water and wind. Water is great for calming people. It can make healing faster, it can improve the overall physical health, and it is good for regulating the blood pressure. This is one reason why some landscape designers try so much to add water features to their landscape designs. Some even add large water features that serve as focal points or main points of attractions. These large water features include waterfalls, cascading ponds and fountains.

To implement a large water feature in a garden design, a landscape architect must consider the cost involved, the layout of the landscape and the overall size of the landscape. The water feature must fit in nicely with the whole garden else it risks becoming a nuisance instead of a beauty. For excellent jobs, a water feature should be designed and constructed by an experienced landscape designer. They must not be made hastily. They must be carefully customized to match with the garden.


The most popular water feature in gardens is a swimming pool. Finding a large house without a swimming pool is rare. With a swimming pool, one can relax in the calm water and exercise the limbs and heart by swimming laps in it. Swimming pools also serve to attract birds. The sound of the water has a special soothing nature, and it creates a nice ambience in a garden. Before building a swimming pool, some factors have to be considered. The size, depth, color, filtration system and others must be considered. Blue swimming pools are a favorite, but you can’t go wrong with black and white swimming pools.

A black swimming pool will look elegant and classy. It will also serve as a great place for reflection or freeing one’s mind of thoughts. A white swimming pool looks inviting and will serve to remind one of a beachfront. It recreates the feelings of nature and unsoiled beauty. White swimming pools reflect the sky above further enhancing their calming effect.

When selecting a filtration system, you can’t go wrong with mineral filtration systems. Mineral systems contain magnesium which is a vital mineral for the body. It helps to regulate the sleeping patterns and improve the general health. The use of a mineral filtration system won’t affect the color of the water. The water will feel softer on your body and your eyes, hair and skin will feel much nicer. Mineral filtration systems are not as expensive as you may think they are. They are cost-effective, easy to maintain and more conducive to the environment.


Apart from the water features, the flowers and plants in a garden also serve the purpose of tantalizing one’s senses. Textured plants like banksias and lamb’s ears are prime examples. They appeal to the senses, and they create a nice atmosphere in a garden. For lovely natural scents in a garden, a landscape architect can use sweet smelling flowers like honey-scented white flowers, jasmine, port wine magnolias, gardenia and sweet alyssum. You can cut off a leaf, keep it in your pocket and immerse yourself in the scent anytime you wish.


Plants in a garden are also great for healing and tending to one’s health. You can’t go wrong with aloe vera and eucalyptus. Eucalyptus can be planted in normal gardens and pots. Aloe vera can also be planted in naturally in gardens and in pots.

Herb gardens and veggie patches are perfect for tantalizing your taste buds while they still give off lovely scents at the same time. Herbs can be integrated into traditional landscape designs, and they can also be grown in balconies, atriums and rooftop gardens. To prepare a veggie patch, all you need is a small patch of land with good soil.

Herbs and vegetables can also be grown in little vegetable boxes from local retailers. Plants like lettuce, peas, kale, tomatoes, spinach and others can be planted. These gardens satisfy your senses of taste, touch, sight and smell.

If you don’t have a lot of space for veggies in your garden design, you can make use of planter boxes and pots. There you can grow ginseng, stevia, mint, thyme, basil, rosemary etc.

You will enjoy eating what you grow in your garden and you will also enjoy the cultivation process. Gardening is a good way to relax your body and take your mind off other matters. It is quite refreshing to plant something little, tend it, watch it grow and finally see it blossom.


For those that love hearing good vibes, a well-tended garden might just be the next place for you to enjoy your jams. You can attract birds, bees and other insects that will produce the sounds of nature and make you enjoy your garden better. Plants like palms, bottlebrush and banksias will do well to attract birds and insects. You can grow various types of plants that blossom in various seasons so that you can enjoy them all through the year. For even better results, you should consider getting nesting boxes and bird baths so you can attract birds to your garden.