When you think about a landscape design, it can be described as the blueprint for an outdoor area. Just like building floor plans, a landscape design visually shows where natural and artificial elements of an outdoor area will be. These elements include grass, tress, water fountains and even systems like irrigation and lighting.

Landscape plans are important when constructing a commercial or home garden. Also, when you need to make repairs or upgrades, the landscape plan is a great reference point to help guide the project in terms of choosing the right materials, making budget plans and selecting contractors.

How to Design a Landscape Plan

 Start with an outline

An outline of the outdoor area to be designed is how mostlandscape design plans start out. Once you have the outline drawn out, you can then add the elements found in an outdoor area to it. Just the area to be developed should be included in the landscape plan. The landscape plan also ensures that the area of focus is clearly defined.

Landscape design plan Create the outline

Include existing elements

Once done with the outline of the outdoor area, you can then add permanent fixtures on the landscape plan. These include rocks, streams, structures, elevations and rock formations. Always use the right annotations, colors or signs for elements on the landscape plan so that anybody can read it without confusion. Also indicate the North compass point which is important when making considerations for sunlight and other factors. Most people also include ground cover where necessary. Indicate which one is used such as grass or asphalt. Visualizing cover on a landscape design can be done by using textures.

Landscape design plan Add existing features

Add new landscape design elements

The next step of the landscape plan is to add all the new elements, both natural and man-made that you want to implement on the new area. These include driveways, walking trails, stairs, furniture and plants. Other proposed installations can also be included in the landscape plan to see how they fit with the existing elements.

Landscape design plan Add new landscape design elements

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